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Kitchen Wall Units

What is a Kitchen Wall Unit

A kitchen wall unit is a complete wall cabinet. It includes the wall cabinets, doors, hinges and other associated hardware. Kitchen wall units come in a variety of sizes. There are normally three different heights. Small units are 575mm high, medium wall units are 720mm high and tall units are 900mm high. Medium wall units are by far the most popular units on the market. 

The cabinets are often a different colour from the doors. The doors and side panels ensure that the cabinets look consistent on the wall. 

What are Kitchen Cabinets?

Kitchen cabinets are the back part of the unit. It is the unit without doors and hinges fitted. Kitchen cabinets are normally made of 18mm MFC, available in a number of different colours. Kitchen cabinets are 300mm deep without the doors on. 

What are Kitchen Wall Carcasses? 

Kitchen wall carcasses are the back part of the kitchen unit, also called kitchen cabinets. The carcass is hung on the wall using a strong adjustable hanging bracket. 

What Width Kitchen Units Are Available?

What Width Kitchen Units Are Available?

Standard kitchen wall units are normally available as two types of unit. Single wall units and double wall units. This simple means whether the unit has one or two doors.

Single Kitchen Wall Units

Single wall units are available as 150mm, 300mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm and 600mm wide wall units. Single wall units have one door. They are available as either right hinged or left hinged. 

Double Wall Units

Double wall units are available as 800mm, 900mm, 1000mm wide units. They have two doors on each unit. All our units come with soft-close hinges. Each double wall units has a left hinged door and right hinged door. All the our cabinets come with soft-close hinges as standard. 

Bi-Fold and Top Box Wall Units

Bi-Fold and Top Box Wall Units

As well as standard units, there are a number of other wall units available for your kitchen project. The two most popular types, show in the picture, are bi-fold wall units and top box units. 

Bi-Fold Wall Units

Bi-fold wall units are typically the same height as a standard wall unit (720mm high) but instead of opening with doors hung on the left and right, they have two doors, attached together with bi-fold hinges, and attached to the top of the unit. These are popular units are the doors only take half the space as a standard door when opened. They also open upwards, meaning they are also tucked out of the way once opened.  

Top Box Wall Units

Top box wall units are 360mm high, half the height of a standard medium wall unit. They are a great way to give extra space between the base units and the top box, or alternatively as in the picture, you can use the top box fitted lower down and use the top as an additional shelf. 

A full range of Kitchens Available

All our kitchen ranges have a full range of wall units, including standard wall units, top boxes, bi-fold cabinets and other wall units, like the microwave housing. Please browse our ranges below, and call us if you have any queries.