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Is blue a good colour for a kitchen?

Is Blue a Good Colour for a Kitchen?

There has been an ever growing trend in blue kitchens, but is blue really a good colour for a kitchen? We would say yes, most definitely. The growth of blue kitchens in recent years has been helped by the increase in paint technology enabling a better range of blue shade to be added to kitchens. We now see blue kitchens being added to both modern and traditional kitchens. In more recent year we have seen blue kitchen doors being paired with other colours, such as light grey, cream or white kitchens. 

As with our kitchen in the image, mixing the breakfast bar in one colour and the blue in another is especially popular, as it differentiates between the breakfast bar and the kitchens. 

One of the most popular additions in the increase in availability of copper handles. We think these are the perfect pairing for a deep blue kitchen door. 

How to design a blue kitchen

How to design a blue kitchen

One of the key questions is will you go fully blue, or split the kitchen into different colours. This is one of the most popular ways of fitting a kitchen. Most modern blue kitchens are quite dark, so mixing and matching is a good way to lighten the room. There are three ways you can split the kitchen colour. You can either match the wall cabinets in one colour and the base units in another. With this approach it would normally mean putting the blue kitchen cabinets below, with the lighter colours on top.

The second approach is to have a lighter colour as the main colour, with a prominent blue strip, for instance in the middle, or where the hob is, as a centrepiece of colour for the room. 

The final option, which we mentioned originally, is to have a kitchen island in one colour, and the rest of the units in blue. 

Blue Kitchen Lighting

What else to consider for a blue kitchen?

Don’t forget the kitchen units are not the only thing that can go blue. You could always go for lighter kitchen cabinets and a blue wall. It still has the same striking effect, but gives you the flexibility to paint over the blue if you have a change in heart later down the line. You can also accessorise.

Our sister site also has a range of blue sockets and switches, and of course a huge selection of kitchen lighting that will finish the kitchen off perfectly.