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Types of kitchen doors

Types of Kitchen Doors

There is a lot to consider when you come to updating your kitchen. One of the key features to a kitchen is the doors and with so many options available, how do you decide which ones are the best suited to you and your kitchen? 


First you'll need to decide on what colour to go for. Depending on the look you're choosing, colour can make all the difference. When looking at modern kitchens, these days, they have two different colour doors, which gives a beautiful contrast with the right choice of colours.

Having two colour doors in your kitchen also keeps the kitchen fresh and you're less likely to become board of looking at the same kitchen everyday. It adds lovely contrast to kitchens and keeps it interesting. The most common two-tone design is a dark/bright/bold colour, combined with a lighter/calmer colour. 

Alternatively, choosing the same colour door to complete your kitchen is not outdated. The contrast can be created from the worktops themselves, the interior, furniture and the flooring. There's plenty to consider when designing your kitchen. 

If you want to make a statement. your unit colour is where to do it. Traditionally used for the core colour of the scheme, making an accent of your base units ca turn an island into a real centerpiece. More subtle schemes can still benefit from alternate colours based on your wall cabinet doors, more complimentary than an accent. Contrasting the colour of your drawers against the the cabinet itself will add an extra line of detailing. 

Experimenting with colour is one of the fun parts of creating your new kitchen. Choosing the correct colour for you and your kitchen can determine weather you like, or love your kitchen. 


When you come to deciding what doors you want, another important influencer is texture. Texture can add depth to your kitchen doors and it's an effective way to add a layered look, that influences other kitchen elements to mix well with one another. When it comes to texture, most of our doors are sleek and glossy or smooth matt finishes. However we do also have the shaker style doors, which offer the layered look to your kitchen design, offering depth and definition. 

Style and materials

Here at Do It Yourself Kitchens we know that not everyone has the same taste, so we like to offer a wide range of styles of doors so everyone is able to choose the perfect door, suited to their liking.

We have a number of handleless kitchen doors available, which have integrated handles keeping the smooth and elegant, offering a modern and simple design to your kitchen. The handleless gloss range has a number of finishes available, including, white, anthracite, ivory, grey, light grey, cashmere. These doors are made from MDF with a high gloss lacquered finish and an integrated handle. 

Our modern doors are available in a range of colours including white, grey, cashmere and clay. Also with matt or gloss options to choose from. The gloss doors are made from PVC foil, laminated on MDF. The matt doors are made from melamine faced particle board with PVC edging. Choosing a plain slab door may seem a little boring, however with the beautifully finished colours and handle options to choose from, you can make your own style. So even if you do like the plain grey with a brushed steel handle, a contrast can be created from the more than just your cabinets. Or you may decide to be a bit more bold and daring and go for an anthracite door with a shiny polished chrome handle. Whatever your choice, we're sure you'll love the quality and ranges that are up for grabs. 

We also have a range of traditional shaker style doors available. We have a wide range of colour options available which offer both a modern and trendy look, but we also have traditional and vintage finishes available too. The shaker style doors are made from PVC foil laminated on MDF frame and centre panel. We've hand picked the ranges we believe are the most stylish, elegant and affordable so the website can be easier to navigate and decisions can be made simpler.