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What is a blind corner unit?

What is a blind corner unit?

A blind corner unit is a standard base unit that is placed in the corner of the kitchen with one side, and door, exposed with the other side of the unit hidden behind the adjacent kitchen unit.

In many instances a Le Mans corner pull-out is used to make the most of the space, otherwise it can be difficult to use the half of the cabinet that isn't exposed.  

It is usual to put a corner post between the two adjacent units. This corner post matches the door on the rest of the cabinets. It also acts as a spacer, so that the doors and handles do not catch on each other. 

It is important when fitting a blind corner unit that you leave some space in the corner. This is to compensate for the fact walls are never quite square, so it is not possible butt the units right into the corner. As a result it is usual to leave a 100mm gap in the corner, so you leave a 1100mm space for a 1000mm unit, as an example.