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How to fit a blind corner unit

How to Fit a Blind Corner Unit

There are some key elements to installing a kitchen correctly. A regular question we get asked is 'how do I fit a blind corner unit. One of the key elements is ensuring you fit the units in the correct order, and if you have a corner unit it always means starting with the corner unit first. 

What is a Blind Corner Unit?

A blind corner unit is a standard double unit, available in various sizes, but typically 800mm, 900mm or 1000mm wide base units. Rather than having two doors, they have one door and a blank panel. The unit goes in the corner, with the blank panel butted up against the adjacent unit. 

Spacing for a Corner Unit

There are two key elements that need to be considered when allowing space for your kitchen unit. 

1. Wall corners are rarely (ever?!) square, so leave space. You will then be able to ensure the two runs of units are at 90 degree angles to each other. 

2. You will need a corner post, so don't forget to allow space for fitting. 

We have outlined the space we would advice for the three most common corner units below. The space in the corner is left to allow for any inconsistencies in how square your kitchen walls are. 

When positioning the corner unit, leave an appropriate gap between the wall and the gable end of the unit. The following are the guidelines for the spaces:

100 larder unit with 600mm door: 230mm
900 larder unit with 450mm door: 180mm
800 larder unit with 400mm door: 230mm

This should allow enough space for the door and corner post, once the adjacent unit is in place. 

Why Use a Corner Post?

he corner post ensures the two adjacent units are far enough away from each other so that the doors and handles don't catch on each other when opening. If you don't leave enough space you are at risk of damaging the unit adjacent as you open the door. 

What are the Corner Posts Made Of?

The corner posts are made of the same material and finish as the doors. This is to give a consistent finish across the units. Corner posts are usually the same height as the highline doors. ie. 715mm high.